The Farmer's Calendar
1825 to 1900

By: Herrick Kimball

This 26-page PDF download is a compilation of 68 transcribed Farmer's Calendar essays, as gleaned from three different New England farm almanacs, spanning the years 1825 to 1900. This download has the collected essays for MARCH only. 

Farmer's Calendar essays were a well-read staple of the old farm almanacs. I am  on a mission (I call it the Farmer's Calendar Project) to preserve and publish these historical writings—one month at a time.

The pages are formatted with a wide margin on the left side, which allows you to hole-punch and assemble the monthly installments into a notebook. This will be a multi-year project. 

March was a month of transition and anticipation on the farmsteads of 19th century New England. Winter had been a time of relative ease, and an opportunity for reflection. But that was coming to a close in March. The important work of planting  crops was ahead. There was much to be done, even if the days were still blustery and cold.

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April 2016 Update: Over a year has gone by since I first made this Farmer's Calendar PDF download. Unfortunately, I have been  unable to find the time to get more of the Farmer's Calendar months together and into print here. Therefore, I am now making this PDF file available at no charge. I still hope to complete this project.... someday. Until then, enjoy this free Agriphemera download.

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This scan of the 1870 Maine Farmer's Almanac shows the calendar page for March. The Farmer's Calendar essay is on the right, and it is a particularly good example of Farmer's Calendar writing. It gives us little insights into the culture of a 19th century New England farmstead. This essay is included in the MARCH pdf download being sold here. Click the picture to see a larger view.