How To Kill And Bleed
Market Poultry

This rare old bulletin goes into great detail explaining where the main arteries in a chicken's neck are located, where they intersect before going into the skull, and where to make a small slice (through the mouth, into the back of the throat) so that the bird bleeds out cleanly. The details of this old technique are fully described AND illustrated with 5 clear drawings.

Also described in detail is the old-time technique of brain-sticking a bird to loosen the feathers for hand-plucking.

Instructions for making a small knife (out of a file) for killing and brain-sticking are on the last page.

Even if, after giving it a try, you do not decide to utilize the through-the-mouth bleeding technique in this bulletin (our opinion is that it tends to bleed the birds more slowly than an outside-the-neck artery slice), the information and illustrations are invaluable when it comes to making an intelligent outside-the-neck bleeding cut (without cutting the bird's esophagus and trachea).

After reading this Agriphemera reprint, you will, without a doubt, be able to kill and bleed the poultry you butcher with much more skill. 

12 pages and 6 illustrations

This is one of the excellent illustrations
found in this bulletin

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