How To
Get The Most Value From
Your Agriphemera PDF Download

One of the great things about a PDF download is that you can enlarge the screen using the + button in the upper left corner. The picture above shows the typical screen size that the download will come to you as. But as you click the + button, you can enlarge the screen to read words more easily, and see more picture details, as this next screen shot shows...

This enlargement feature is particularly important with old agriphemera, which is often faded.

If you want to collect and compile Agriphemera PDF downloads into your own personal reference library (a very good idea), I suggest that you purchase an inexpensive flash drive, like pictured below, and put all the pdf files onto that dedicated storage device.

If you want to print out and save the PDF downloads (not a bad idea if the electrical grid ever goes down, eh?), I suggest that you get a 3-ring binder, hole-punch the margins, and store the pages that way. 

I hope you enjoy the many Agriphemera downloads that this site currently offers, and will continue to offer in the months and years ahead. We can learn a lot from these old writings.

Best wishes,

Herrick Kimball