George P. Pilling

This rare booklet is one of the most interesting examples of agriphemera that I own. G.P. Pilling & Son Co. was a Philadelphia manufacturer of surgical, dental, and veterinary instruments. They also made many different kinds of caponizing tools, all of which are featured in this 43-page pdf download.

Like, for example, you'll find 11 different testicle removers...

Pictured in this book...

The Philadelphia Caponizing Set
The Pilling-Farmer Caponizing Set
The Pilling Special Caponizing Set
The Pilling-Twinning Caponizing Set
The Pilling-Miles Capon Set
Lansdowne Capon Sete (#1 and #2)
The Cornell Caponizing Set

Also pictured are Pilling spreaders, tweezers, forceps, three killing knifes, a gape worm extractor, the Pilling fume disinfector (for the chicken house—"death to germ life"), and if that's not enough, there three pages of cattle instruments.

The back cover of the book shows five different Pilling Poultry Markers. I have never heard of poultry markers. Here is a description...

"These little instruments, used to punch web between toes, are invaluable to the poultry raiser in marking young and old chickens, capons and all kinds of fowl. The marker enables every farmer and breeder to recognize their own fowl at a glance. The marking can be made in over 200 different ways, and this number can be still more added to by marking the skin of the wings."

This booklet is all about capons and caponizing, but it doesn't go into any detail about exactly how to caponize. Nevertheless, this is a must-have caponizing resource, in my opinion.

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Poultry markers are still sold. But they are usually sold in reference to duck supplies.