Producing Capons
In Pennsylvania

This 13-page bulletin has 6 photos and 1 illustration. Contents are as follows...

Breeds commonly used for capons
Size of cockerels for caponizing
Care of birds before caponizing
Caponizing boards and tables
Instruments needed to caponize
Performing the operation
Precautions when caponizing
Rations suitable for capons
Wind puffs, crooked keels, breast blisters
Shelters and range
How capons develop
Gains, costs, and returns
Growing capons as a business

This bulletin is notable for encouraging the pasturage of capons and using them to glean wheat, oat, barley, buckwheat and corn fields. It also has a instructions for making a caponizing table with a unique bird holder that utilizes the spring tension of a hacksaw blade. 

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