Planet Jr.
Agricultural Implements Catalog

Cover of the 1941 Planet Jr. Catalog

Here's a great find for the Planet Jr. collector. This 1941 catalog has 48 pages and is packed with photos and information. Here's a page from the catalog...

Page 3 from the 1941 Planet Jr. Catalog.

In 1941, Planet Jr. was still making all sorts of human and horse-powered agricultural implements. But they were also making seeders for riding tractors (Farmalls are pictured). Planet Jr.'s brand of walk-behind tractors are mentioned and pictured in the back of the catalog, but there was, evidently, a separate 48 page catalog just for the "Planet Jr. Tractor." 

A photo form the 1941 Planet Jr. Catalog

A nice surprise with this catalog is the two-page 1941 price list!

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