Apple Book
(circa 1910)

This rare and delightful booklet from the very early 1900s has 36 pages and "197 delicious health-giving apple recipes, each tested by an expert in domestic economy." It was published by the International Apple Shipper's Association. 

Apple salads, apple sauces, apple butter, apple conserve, apple catchup, apple custard, apple cobbler, apple dumplings, apple Jonathan, apple jellies, apple goodie, apple omelet, apple pone, apple cakes, apple chips, apple pies, apple puddings, apple punch, apple sponge, apple tarts, apple slump, baked apples, and lots more!

Here are three apple recipes as they appear in the book...

The original booklet measures 4.5" x 7" but the scanned copy is enlarged to fit on a standard sheet of paper.

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