Mental Nuts
Can You Crack 'em?

Here's something really neat from the world of agriphemera!

This PDF reprint of a unique 1897 booklet describes itself as "A book of Old Time Catch or Trick PROBLEMS. Regular old Puzzlers that kept your granddad up at night." 100 of these old-time tricks and puzzlers are in the 32-page booklet. 

Here are three of the Mental Nuts you'll find in the book...

This would make for a great homeschooling resource. It would also be a lot of fun at a party (for some people). Or print it off and give it as a gift to someone you know who likes puzzling word tricks and mental challenges.

Answers to all the tricks and puzzlers are in the back of the book.

The booklet was written by S.E. Clark and was distributed by the American Waltham Watch Co. of Waltham Mass. 

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